Expanded and Perforated Sheet Metal or Plastic Corner Beads for Plastering and Render Applications in Constructions.

As a well-established China manufacturer and exporter of Corner beads, Yezhi offers a wide range of angle beads and corner trimming beads for interior and external drywall uses. Corner beads and trims are ideal building materials for plaster, render, stucco application in drywall construction of suspended ceilings, window and door frame, facade joints, arch and insulation system.
Perforated mesh and expanded mesh are two sheet types for processing of angle beads in strips. The smooth sheet metals with uinform opening patterns allow easy plastering finishes. Round holes for perforated and diamond holes for expanded sheet as popular.
Perforated Plaster Beads, Angle Armoring
Materials can be Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum and other metals, or non-metal Plastic and Vinyl. Metal plaster beads provide strong protection for the angle. PVC or vinyl corner beads are easily bent for smooth arch frame surface, also for external rendering. Stainless steel corner beads are decorative beads for facade design and other external uses.

Yezhi exports standard corner beads and reinforced flange beads. Fiberglass mesh wings design optional. Suitable for construction of traditional walls, cement plaster and masonry buildings. Rib lath also available for concrete structure plaster backing.

New Plastering Wire Mesh Products:

Zinc Plated Galvanised Steel Corner Bead (23x23mm, min. thickness 0,40mm, min. weight 0,29kg/2,5m, min. zinc  Z250)

Round Hole Punched Sheet Angle Beads, size 23x23mm, length 2.5 M, angle 30

Hard Vinyl / Plastic Perforated Round Hole Corner Bead (23x23mm, min. weight 0,10kg/2,5m, white color)

PVC J bead (width 12,5mm, short side – min. 10mm, long side – min. 18mm, white color)

Y type Plastic Corner Trimming (23x23mm, min. weight 0,12kg/2,5m, white color, “nose” 5-6mm)

and more.

Plastic Mesh Plaster Beads Angle GuardsVinyl and Plastic Corner Beads for Arc Design
Corner beads processed from hard plastic or vinyl offer easy fastening to arch construction in buildings. Corrosion resistant material for external use offering compound bonding. Adjustable to any angle to suit for the wall corners. Learn More

External Plaster Casing BeadsAngle Beads For Raked Render Angles
For finish and protection of external raked render angles. Using of this metal corner beads enables adjustment of all thickness renders. This corner beads have 42 mm wings. Length can be 225, 250, 300 cm. Render thickness can be adjusted to 6 mm. Learn More

Expanded Ribbed Mesh Rib Lath
Compared with Diamond Mesh Lath, Rib Lath offers better stress strength and free shape, used as concrete permanent dismantle free template for civil engineering. Learn More

Plaster Stops for Interior Drywall PlasteringCorner Guards For Interior Drywall Plastering
For internal wall corner framing drywall job. 90º and 135º Internal corner beads are self aligning and is perfect wherever crooked framing is a problem or when drywall doesn’t meet perfectly in the corner. Learn More

Plaster Casing BeadsZinc Plated Mild Steel Casing Beads
Corrosion resistant flat stop beads for sharp angle of window framing and ceiling finishes. Learn More

Reinforced Corner Trimming BeadsFlange Reinforced Diamond Mesh Beads
Expanded steel corner beads of diamond mesh patterns. With wide flange reinforcement. Learn More

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