Corner Beads For Exterior Render Angles in Wall Construction with PVC Nosing or Fiberglass Mesh Wings

This kind of corner bead is also called angle bead, provides a finish and protects external raked render angles. Stainless steel and hard PVC are most popular materials for external joint construction applications. Using of corner beads enables adjustment of all thickness renders in construction. Can be made with P.V.C nosing or Fiberglass Mesh Wings. Raked Render Angle Corner Beads have three standard models for render thicknesses of 8, 10 and 15 mm. Using of corner beads for exterior render allows adjustment of render thickness to 6 mm.

Technical Description:
Sheet Types : Expanded metal or perforated metal.
Angle beads have 42 mm wings. Length of angle bead can be 225, 250, 300 cm.
♦ Material: PVC, stainless steel, aluminium,etc
♦ Color: White in common,other colors are available for PVC, and nature color for metal corner bead.
♦ Thickness: 1mm-3mm for PVC corner bead and 0.4mm-1mm for metal corner bead.
♦ Width: 20mm*20mm-50mm-50mm
♦ Length: 2.4m-3m
♦ Packaging: In carton

Stainless Steel Angle Beads for Exterior Render with Adjustment of Render Thickness to 6mm

This angle bead finishes and protects inside brick. Then the wall angles can be plastered.

Technical Description:
Materials: Stainless steel sheets.

Features: Sharp angle. Expanded metal wings have slots so that the render grips the inside wall perfectly.

25 x 25 mm. Length: 2, 2.5 linear meter

Plastic PVC Corner Bead with Fiberglass Mesh Wings for Exterior Rendering:
Width: 20mm*20mm-50mm-50mm
Length: 2.4m-3m
Packaging: In carton
Application: Construction and decoration


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