Metal Mesh Expanded V Profile Ribbed Lath for concrete structure plaster backing for ceilings, Walls and stud partitions

Yezhi supplies all grades of building materials for constructions from drywall plastering to metal lathing. Expanded Metal lath includes Standard diamond mesh lath and V profile Ribbed Mesh Lathing. Ribbed Lath and Hi Ribbed Lath are ideal material as background for plaster, render, stucco application in construction of suspended ceilings partition.

Two main forms of Rib Lath Fixings: Herringbone patterned mesh with V profiled ribs between the mesh areas, called Rib Lath, and Hi-Rib Lath. In sheet or coil forms.

Rib Lath is a kind of expanded galvanized steel or 304 stainless steel mesh sheet. This metal lath offers special extension due to its special opening and the uniform V type reinforced structure in the surface.

Rib Lath offering following benefits Compared with Traditional Diamond Metal Lath:

• With stronger ribs, widely applied to concrete structure of projects

• Used as plaster backing for ceilings,walls, and stud partitions

• Rib lath is also ideal for refurnishing damaged or ages masonry walls when a key for rendering is not certain due to disintegration or softening of wall face

• Compared with Diamond Mesh Lath, Rib Lath offers better stress strength and free shape, used as concrete permanent dismantle free template for civil engineering.

• Easy to cut and form the plaster work.

• It provides ample keying for scratch coat.

•Easily used for plaster machine application.

•A uniform coat depth for large area.

Usage:Made of expanded metal,

Hi Rib Lath for StuccoPlastering Lathing



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