Corner Beads for Modern Drywall Renders and Insulation System, Processed from Aluminum or Galvanized Steel Plates

Two Major Types of Drywall Corner Beads according to materials are: Aluminum and galvanized steel corner beads. Mainly used for modern wall and ceiling rendering and insulation system construction.

Aluminium Corner Beads are Suitable for gypsum and synthetic resin plasters and primers for internal use. They are designed for internal or external use and are ideally suited for modern renders and insulation systems. They are also suitable for plaster on a lime, lime-cement, plaster binding agent, cement or gypsum based.

Galvanized Carbon Steel Angle Beads:

Reinforcement coil corner beads, designed for internal use except for Render Rib which has a zinc coating of 450 gms./M2. Galvanized stucco  beads products are suitable for plasters on a lime, lime-cement, plaster binding agent, cement or gypsum based. Any fixings used should be galvanized.

Drywall Aluminum PVC Decorative Corner Bead

pvc decorative drywall aluminum corner bead

Corner bead is expanded or perforated with galvanized steel plate or Aluminum plate.There are two kinds of edges: One is with edges, edge width 5mm-10mm, Antoehr is without edges.

Thickness Length Aperture Width Material
0.3mm 2.4m-3m 5x15mm 30mm Galv. plate / SS plate
0.4mm 2.4m-3m 10x20mm 40mm Galv. plate / SS plate
0.45mm 2.4m-3m 10x20mm 50mm Galv. plate / SS plate
0.5mm 10 10x30mm 60mm Galv. plate / SS plate

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